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Cal Poly Humboldt issues hard closure, urges protesters to "leave the campus peacefully now"

Cal Poly Humboldt closes campus for rest of semester
Cal Poly Humboldt closes campus for rest of semester 00:46

ARCATA – Cal Poly Humboldt will keep its campus closed for the rest of the semester amidst a pro-Palestine protest that began last Monday.

Two buildings, Siemens Hall and Nelson Hall East, remain occupied by demonstrators.

Last week, a message on Humboldt's website announced that instruction will be moving to remote work and the campus would be closed through the rest of the remaining school year due to the protests.

In a new announcement posted to the school's website over the weekend, officials stated anyone on campus without permission will now be subject to citation or arrest; a hard closure of the campus is being enforced through May 10.

Officials noted that they are continuing to talk with any of the demonstrators willing to have a respectful dialog.

Campus police have not commented on whether they planned to make any arrests, but school officials are urging the demonstrators to leave peacefully now.

"Leaving voluntarily will be considered as a possible mitigating factor in University conduct processes and may reduce the severity of sanctions imposed. This does not, however, eliminate responsibility for any potential conduct or criminal charges," the statement from Humboldt read.

As part of the enforcement, police helped campus facilities management put up concrete barriers to prevent vehicles from entering certain areas of the campus.

"It feels threatening to receive suddenly a closure and a threat that I could be potentially cited, arrested," said community member Launa Wyrd. "[It] felt largely unnecessary and antagonistic on behalf of the administration."

Similar demonstrations have gripped other colleges across the nation, from Columbia University to UC Berkeley.

According to Humboldt's academic calendar, finals week is scheduled for May 6-10. Commencement is scheduled for May 11. 

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