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Best Art Galleries In The USA

There is nothing more amazing than standing in front of a carefully crafted work of art. Whether it is a painting, sculpture or a piece of digital art, there is just something relaxing about looking at different works of art. The right piece of art can transport you to a different time and place, taking your mind off of your day-to-day issues.Many galleries offer special events where guests can meet other art enthusiasts and sometimes meet the artist. Here are some of the best art galleries in America.
Photo Credit: David Zwirner
David Zwirner
525 W. 19th St.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 727-2070

David Zwirner represents contemporary artists, including Marlene Dumas, Chris Ofili and Karin Mamma Andersson. This gallery hosts several unique exhibitions throughout the year, for both well-known artists and new artists trying to make a name for themselves. David Zwimer has launched many unknown artists into the spotlight of the art community. If you are looking for contemporary art, including Minimalists works of art to time-based media, this is the gallery to visit.

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Metro Pictures Gallery
519 W. 24th St.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 206-7100

Metro Pictures Gallery in New York has developed a unique listing of influential artists, such as Cindy Sherman back in the early 80s. Since then, the list has continued to grow and now includes artists such as Gary Simmons, Jim Shaw and Claire Fontaine. This gallery showcases some of the best artists and their works of art found in the city. You will be truly amazed by the set up and unique works of art that are on display at Metro Pictures Gallery.

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National Gallery Of Art
6th and Constitution Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20565
(202) 737-4215

The National Gallery of Art is more of a museum than an actual gallery to purchase fabulous works of art, but it is definitely one of the most impressive collections in America. The National Gallery of Art started off as a gift to the people of the United States by Congress and financier Andrew W. Mellon. Since its creation, it has remained a gift to the people offering free admission and has maintained one of the world's most impressive art collection. While at the National Gallery of Art, you must take the time to see The Sculpture Garden, "A Naval Encounter Between Dutch and Spanish Warships" by Verbeeck and "Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes Exhibition." These are all must-see exhibits, all offering unique perspectives and creative works of art.

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 574-7630

Space 1026 is an artist-run gallery that was established to offer a creative community for artists looking for a gallery to display their latest creations. This two-story gallery offers a unique atmosphere for guests as they explore the many different works of art of all media forms as a DJ spins records in the background. Space 1026 has held many exhibitions, as well as hosted various performances for more than a decade.

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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

SOHO Gallery For Digital Art
130 Sullivan St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 228-2810

The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art is home to some of the most creative and contemporary works of digital art. In addition to being a showcase for this new medium, the gallery also hosts numerous events, including art exhibitions, musical performances, book readings, film screenings, fashion shows and much more. The diverse collection of art along with the flexibility of the venue space is what makes SOHO Gallery for Digital Art one of the best galleries in the country.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new work of art to hang in your home or office or you simply enjoy looking at art of all types, the above listed galleries are must-sees. All feature unique works of art and many host special events and exhibitions where you can meet the artist and learn the history behind each piece of art.

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