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9-year-old's heroic act saves parents after Oklahoma tornado: "Please don't die, I will be back"

9-year-old's heroic act saves parents after tornado
9-year-old's heroic act saves parents after tornado 03:37

DICKSON, Oklahoma — An Oklahoma couple now in the ICU with broken backs and necks has their 9-year-old hero son to thank after a tornado tossed their truck into trees.

Tornadoes left a trail of destruction in Oklahoma over the weekend. At least four people were killed, dozens injured and many lost their homes, businesses and belongings.

Wayne and Lindy Baker, along with their 9-year-old son Branson, were headed to Dickson, Oklahoma, just north of Marietta, to seek shelter, when a tornado suddenly picked up their truck and tossed it.


Wayne Baker's back, neck, sternum, ribs, and arm were broken. He also lost part of a finger. Lindy Baker's back, neck, jaw, ribs, and right hand were broken. She also suffered a punctured lung.  

Somehow, Branson got out of the truck and ran over a mile in the dark, through downed power lines and debris to get help. He made it to the house of a neighbor and friend and brought him back to help his parents.

"The only way he found his way back was with lightning strikes that lit the road. He ran as fast as he could, as hard as he could, he made a mile in 10 minutes. That's pretty impressive for a little kid," said Branson's uncle, Johnny Baker. "The last thing Branson told them was, 'Mom, dad, please don't die, I will be back.'"

9-year-old Branson Baker ran over a mile in the dark, through downed power lines and debris to get help for his injured parents. Johnny Baker

Wayne and Lindy Baker are independent contractors and are now unable to work for a while due to their conditions. In response, Branson's baseball team held a fundraiser and baseball game Monday night, with the whole team wearing stickers on their helmets in support of the family. 

"With the Baker stickers put on the helmets, they helped give Branson a little motivation as well, he actually hit a home run last night," Johnny Baker added.

"Branson is small, but he is so mighty, he is a hero," the GoFundMe page reads.

Johnny Baker thinks his brother and sister-in-law will make a full recovery, thankful for little Branson for his quick feet and strong faith. 

"He had to become his parent's superman and go do what he had to go do. That's exactly what he said. He said, 'I have to save my parents,'" Johnny Baker described.


Both are recovering in the ICU at OU Medical Center. Family and friends have helped raise over $10,000 to help the family recover.

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