Zynga has a new game for you to get addicted to: Empires & Allies

Zynga's Empires & Allies

(CBS) - You've made a cyber farm and harvested virtual crops. (Oh you know you played FarmVille, don't even lie.) Now Zynga, maker of highly-addictive Facebook games, has a new time-killer for you to become obsessed with: Empires & Allies.

The premise? "Build your army, fight with friends, lead your empire... If all goes well, you live happily ever after," says the game's trailer. Zynga says it's CityVille meets Risk.

Each player will start off with an island. He or she can build barracks, farms and other structures to acquire resources, like oil and wood. The key is to strengthen your armed forces. As you build, you can buy, trade, and of course, fight - as in, duke it out with your friends to see who's a better commander.

As you invade and win, you gain infamy points, which apparently, makes you cool. If you're nice and help your friends, you gain honor points, which will help you unlock upgrades, like the power to instantly heal your virtual self.

This war'esque strategy game looks a little more kid-friendly than most combat games out there, and a lot girlier than Risk. (Check out the power player on the game's logo.) It's in that same FarmVille and CityVille feel - only more intense.

It's available starting today on Facebook in 12 languages. So if you need to procrastinate, go for it. And let us know what you think!

  • Ysolt Usigan

    Ysolt Usigan is the editor of lifestyle and technology for women at CBSNews.com