Zoo Miami introduces baby lion cub named "Kwasi"

Visitors to Zoo Miami are in for a special treat this month: on March 13, the zoo introduced a three-month-old lion cub named Kwasi.

"He is wicked cute," Kadra Rice, a zoo visitor, told CBS Miami.

It's a moment that was in question for the last three months, as Kwasi battled several health scares. Born on December 15, 2013, he has already dealt with challenges ranging from dehydration to bacterial infections.

This is the first time in the zoo's history that a lion cub and its mother are on display together.

"I think when you have a mother and baby that crosses all species lines. I think people can relate to that," said Ron Magill, a wildlife expert at Zoo Miami.

This is the first cub for Asha, a lioness who was born at the Bronx Zoo in January 2010.

"This mother will discipline her infant, you'll see him come every now and then she will slap him and growl at him. Basically she will teach him how to become a lion," explained Magill.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the mother and cub until non each day. After that, they'll have private time in their den while the zoo's two male lions are on display.