Ziggy on "definitive" Bob Marley documentary

Musician Ziggy Marley in the "CBS This Morning" studio
CBS News

(CBS News) Ziggy Marley son of reggae legend, Bob Marley is sharing his father's life and legacy in a new documentary called "Marley."

Marley, actor, activist and musician, served as an executive producer and was interviewed for the documentary, along with his sister and their mother - Bob's wife, Rita. It is the first time the family approved of any project documenting Bob's life. Marley never bothered to read any of the biographies written about his iconic father.

"This one, we were intimately involved with from the beginning," Marley said. "Because we wanted to do something that was definitive and be like, the final word on Bob. We had to be involved in it for it to be that."

Marley said he learned a lot about his father's life working on the film. From racial issues Bob encountered growing up in Kingston - his father was a white Englishman; to stories of Bob rehearsing with his band, the Wailers, in a cemetery, in order to get over his stage fright.

What does Marley think his father would want the final word to be on his legacy?

"He wants everyone to love each other, basically," he said. "That's his message. And I think we want people to have emotional connection to Bob - beyond the legend, beyond the idol. What we hope to do is bring people closer to Bob as a person and create that emotional connection."

"Marley" will be in theaters and is being released via video-on-demand on April 20th.

(Watch the full interview with Ziggy Marley in the video player above.)