YouTube marks 8th birthday with music, comedy and cats

(CBS News)  We highlighted with a tongue-in-cheek trailer starring Arnold Schwarzenegger last week that YouTube Comedy Week would be in full effect soon. As in now. And, coincidentally, the timing is in line with another celebration for the Internet video destination: YouTube's 8th birthday! (You made sure to wish them a happy one, right?) To mark this momentous occasion, our favorite, online auto-tuning groups has put together a little ditty for them. Watch history, music, comedy and more (of course, cats) come together above. The tune kicks in at about 47 seconds into the clip.

The hilarious musical tribute entitled "The History of YouTube" was performed and posted by The Gregory Brotherswho have been featured many times on The Feed in the past, and who write about their latest work honoring the medium that made them known (the talent is all theirs!):

To celebrate YouTube's 8th birthday, the Gregory Brothers imagine how it would feel to discover YouTube for the first time.

And while there may have been some cats featured, there weren't nearly enough for my tastes. In fact, I'm starting to ponder a world with not enough cats in it now... which is exactly what Freddie Wanother highlighted and favorite special effects wizard for The Feed, has done in an epic music video for YouTube Comedy Week entitled "The Last Cat on Earth" below. It's exactly what it sounds like, with a premise that would make you shudder if you weren't laughing so hard. 

A big triple-rainbow salute of 8th birthday happiness and many more to come goes out to YouTube from all of us here at The Feed! (We swear, you don't look a day over seven!) And if you'd like to check out more great videos from YouTube Comedy Week, be sure to click here.