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Yikes! Your iPad unlocked in 5 seconds

(CBS) - A video called "How to crack the iPad password in 5 seconds" is beginning to circulate on YouTube, which shows a man bypassing an iPad lock screen in seconds. No password. No hacking. So how did he do it?

The directions are simple. Press the sleep/wake button until the power-off screen appears, close and re-open the smart cover and then press the cancel button.

You should be able to access the last app launched with ease. In the video, senior director at Trend Micro Cesare Garlati demonstrates how he's able to access emails without entering a pass code.

The trick will only allow you to launch the last app running. Whew! If you quit all of your apps, it will let you see the home screen, but you won't be able to launch any apps.

Until Apple releases an update for this loophole, we recommend quitting all of your apps before turning off your iPad.

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