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Yahoo Mail is down for some users

Monitor screen showing email in the inbox.
Monitor screen showing email in the inbox. iStockphoto

(CBS/CNET) - Yahoo Mail is down for many users.

This morning, CNET received a tip from a reader, claiming "Yahoo Mail has been experiencing severe outage issues for the last 24-hours plus." After attempting to access Yahoo's Mail service, CNET also received an error message saying that the "page you requested was not found." Other attempts yielded a "connection refused" message from the site. When trying to access the mail service through Yahoo's QuickView, the service said that it could not "connect to your mail server."

When we tried logging onto Yahoo Mail, it was slow to start. When the page finally loaded, we were prompted to upgrade to the "Best Yahoo Mail Ever." (We should probably mention that we haven't used our Yahoo Mail accounts in forever - we're on Gmail now.) We declined and moved onto our Yahoo Mail inbox where everything seemed to function like normal.

Even still, the issue is affecting Yahoo users everywhere. In fact, Yahoo Mail users are taking to Twitter, saying they can't connect to the service and are having trouble with authentication. "A few users said that they tried resetting their passwords multiple times, and the service still did not work," CNET adds.

"Just an indication that Yahoo Mail, like me, is suffering from age (it's down)," says glbarry.

"Why is yahoo mail so effed up??? Why the outage??," complains kellyriker.

"this Yahoo outage further reminds me why I need to make the transition to my Gmail account...maybe tomorrow," threatens samq79.

Although Yahoo Mail's Twitter has yet to announce any outage, they seem to frequently offer help to users who are having issues with sending and receiving emails, and even when someone's email has been hacked. If you're having a problem, maybe tweet at them?

Or, you can just join others on Gmail, who has been trying to lure the friends and family of existing members with their "email intervention."

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