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xojane: My rapist friended me on Facebook (and all I got was this lousy article)


(CBS) - We can relate to being Facebook "friends" with our parents' pals and being friended by the bullies who tormented us when we were (uh) geeks. But most of us can hopefully never relate to Emily McCombs' story, "My Rapist Friended Me on Facebook (And All I Got Was This Lousy Article)." 

One word: terrifying! 

She describes the nightmare ordeal in "Oh yeah, and the architect of my adolescent rape. As one benefit of that long-ago trauma, I sometimes have difficult accessing and identifying emotions, so I'd describe my feelings upon seeing his friend request in my inbox as sort of 'hurt-y?' With a side of 'can't breathe.'"

So brave, McCombs sought answers to the blurry memories of a traumatic night when she was just 14. So she responded to her alleged attacker and eventually called him on the phone.

She asked: "I have these memories, but a lot of it is hazy and there are pieces that are missing and some new pieces have come back to me since I got sober. And about this incident in particular with you and M*** and C*** and a group of guys who forced me to do some things... I just want to know if all this really happened. Cause sometimes it feels like I'm going crazy."

His response: "You're not going insane. You're not delusional. It happened. I remember. I was there."

Read the complete convo here and see how McCombs got her closure.

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