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WOW: Stop-motion animation and drumstick make amazing music video

(CBS) - I posted two weeks ago about a very talented editor by the name of Lasse Gjertsen who impressed me years back when he created videos that showed amazing editing skills could compensate for a lack of musical talent - at least the talent to play an instrument.

Today I'm very happy today to bring you an amazing video entitled "Objective Rhythm" by Ross Holdstock who employs a similar style in his own unique way using a drumstick and common household items.  The music kicks into gear at about 53 seconds into the video.

Holdstock demonstrates the use of stop-motion animation for this video, which I've found to be fascinating both in terms of the visuals and music that can be created from them. So is Holdstock the next Lasse Gjertsen? Perhaps even better? I'll be watching his videos to see, but I'm definitely impressed by what I've seen so far.

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