"Out of this World Cup": U.S. vs. Germany in zero gravity

Members of the International Space Station crew show off their soccer moves in an "Out Of This World Cup" match.


As the U.S. and Germany face off in the World Cup, a friendly rivalry between their fans is playing out in space.

Two American astronauts, Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and one German, Alexander Gerst, are sharing tight quarters aboard the International Space Station.

"I believe we will win," Wiseman told ESPN on Tuesday. "We've already looked at our schedules for Thursday to see how we can sneak in a few peeks at the game...and you better believe we'll be watching."

In the spirit of the competition, NASA released a video with Swanson, Weiseman and Gerst showing off their soccer skills in zero gravity. NASA dubbed it an "Out of this World Cup" match.

The rivalry spilled over into the astronauts' Twitter feeds from 260 miles above the Earth.

"If the U.S. wins, these guys are going to draw a little U.S. flag on my head, but I think if Germany wins these guys should have to shave their heads," Gerst said. "Either way I'm looking forward to the game. It's going to be fun."