Witness describes Nigeria plane crash horror

People stand on a wing of a plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria, Sunday, June 3, 2012. The passenger plane carrying more than 150 people crashed in Nigeria's largest city on Sunday, government officials said. Firefighters pulled at least one body from a building that was damaged by the crash and searched for survivors as several charred corpses could be seen in the rubble.(AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)
Sunday Alamba

(CBS News) A Dana Air Passenger plane crashed near Lagos, Nigeria. Officials confirm more than 150 people are dead.

The twin-engine jet appeared to belly flop into an apartment building in a densely populated suburb of Lagos close to the airport.

Several charred bodies could be seen in the rubble of the building as firefighters pulled a dead body from the wreckage.

Thousands of residents swarmed the smoking ruins taking cell phone pictures. The crowd was so large that ambulances, sirens wailing, could not get through.

One woman, who was nearby with her children as the plane approached, said: "They were shouting I should leave there and look out, a plane about to land on top my head. When the plane passed, it bended. And we thought the plane was going to land, and the plane it went, it went again and it (went) down. The next thing, we just heard a sound. We noticed the plane has already crashed."

Plane crashes in Nigeria, all 153 aboard dead

Dozens of residents pitched in to drag a fire hose to the rubble.

Officials said there were likely casualties on the ground but had no idea how many.

Lagos International Airport is a major hub for West Africa, handling more than 2 million passengers a year.

In the wake of the crash, Nigeria's president has declared three days of national mourning.