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​Windows 10 details leaked

New details of Microsoft's next version of Windows leaked over the weekend. CNET's Dan Ackerman spoke with CBS News about the features that will most stand out to consumers.

First and foremost, the tiles interface, which was the unpopular centerpiece of Windows 8, is gone. In its place, a more familiar traditional look that users are sure to welcome. This is a big part of Microsoft's move to distinguish Windows 10 from its predecessor -- that, along with the name, which defies typical convention, skipping right over 9 from version 8 to version 10.

It represents a return to an interface designed more specifically for regular desktop and laptop users, after the last version attempted to unify the look across computers, tablets and phones. As Microsoft said in a September announcement, Windows 10 is not going to be "one UI to rule them all," but rather one part of a family of products, "with a tailored experience for each device....Windows 10 will deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time."

Then there's Cortana, Windows' answer to Siri. Already on Windows phones with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, Cortana shows up as a specified search box within the task bar, and can also be set to respond to the phrase, "Hey, Cortana," much the same way you can launch Google voice search with "OK, Google."

Cortana, named after an artificially intelligent character in the Xbox game "Halo," is a nice nod to cross-platform marketing, Ackerman pointed out.

Speaking of Xbox, there are also some updates to the Xbox app, according to a WinBeta video exploring the leaked build, including a more user-friendly interface that make it easy to navigate through your friends, achievements, messages and settings.

Microsoft is expected to preview Windows 10 in January, ahead of a reported Fall 2015 release.

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