Wild weather spreads throughout the West

In the West it's another day of triple digit temperatures from California to Washington State, where hot weather is fueling a new wildfire.

Flames forced dozens to flee their homes in Quincy, Washington. Thirty miles away, near Wenatchee, some evacuees returned to find their houses burned to the ground.

Heavy hail pelted the city of Tucson, where the hot weather caused sever thunderstorms. Dramatic photos and videos from Phoenix showed intense lightening overnight.

The high temperatures are caused by a high pressure system stalled over nine western states, trapping them under a "heat dome."

Wildfire engulfs homes in Washington state

In Los Angeles, cooling off next to an air conditioner was not an option for some, after a power outage left nearly 21,000 customers in the dark.

The state's utilities are now urging Californians to conserve electricity in whats known as a flex alert. Steve Conroy is with Southern California Edison.

"You're looking for conservation, people to reduce usage, business and residential customers when they can," he said.

California utility companies are asking customers to reduce their power usage through at least 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Triple digits temperatures in the West are expected to continue through the weekend and into next week.