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"Why We Hate Us"

Excuse us for taking a moment out of campaign mania for some shameless self-promotion but we think it will be worth it. Dick Meyer, editorial director for NPR digital media (and former editorial director of is out with a compelling new book that seeks to explain "why we hate us."

Meyer skillfully lays out the reasons why, at a time of unprecedented prosperity, abundance, technical marvels and advantages, America is ever more full of road-rage, self-loathing, bad manners and discontent. "Meyer is gleefully critical and very sincere in his concern for the state of American life," Publishers Weekly writes in its review of the tome. And "his practical suggestions urging readers to turn the tide of self-hate and phoniness are a must-read for anyone fed up with modern life."

Cutting through the fog of falsity that hangs over everything from daily life to our media and politics, Meyer uncovers some common ground and concerns shared by all, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, red stater or blue. In the midst of a campaign hijacked by Paris Hilton and all-too-familiar diversionary tactics, it's a must-read for serious thinker and serious voters who tell pollsters they want more from their candidates. Check out the reviews and order your copy today at Amazon.