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Why I now believe time travel is totally possible

(CBS) - Are you watching "Terra Nova"? I am and I may just get hooked. In the show, "future" people leave a deteriorating Earth to live life during a time when dinosaurs roamed and the planet's natural resources were plentiful. It's interesting, however, the idea of time travel has been a big question mark for me. I know, I know - it's only a TV show, but I've seriously been trying to wrap my head around whether or not we (or our kids, grand kids or great grand kids) can go back in time. Sadly, my brain has not been successful at figuring this out - I got a C in physics, after all.

Then, I came across this video from one of my favorite sites ever, New Scientist, and it blew my mind.

"Time travel is more than just science fiction: it could be possible according to the laws of physics," reports New Scientist. "However, building a time machine would likely be difficult and require technology that doesn't currently exist. In this animation, we look at how to build a time machine and the perplexing implications of such a feat."

So okay, it's not super-possible right at this very moment, but in time, it can happen. All you need is a black hole, a worm hole and negative gravity. When you round up those ingredients - if I'm still alive (hehe, wishful thinking here) - take me back to the 1970s, please. I absolutely love hippie style and groovy tunes.

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