Who's Trumping The Donald?

He's famous for putting together what he calls artful deals, but here on the stunning east coast of Scotland, Donald Trump has run into a force of nature that is spoiling the picture.

A force called Michael Forbes.

Trump wants to build a high-class golf resort with a big hotel and million-dollar houses among the dunes. The environmentalists were already trying to stop him, CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reports.

But then The Donald came up against The Michael. Forbes owns a 23-acre farm right where the back nine would be. And he refuses to sell.

"He offered me 350,000 pounds," he said.

That's about $700,000.

"That sounds like a lot of money put like that," Forbes said.

But he still won't sell.

"No, no, still no," Forbes said.

And now it's gotten personal. Trump this week has started calling Forbes names.

"He's not an angel he's a tough guy!" Trump said of Forbes.

He's labeled Forbes' farm a toxic dump.

"Go down and take a look at how badly maintained that piece of property is. It's disgusting," Trump said.

"Well if I had his kind of money, I'd make it pretty," Forbes said.

Donald Trump had said he wanted to do this project to get into his roots. His mother was from here. Well if that's the case he's having the full Scottish experience - starting with stubbornness.

Does he have anything you'd like to say to Mr. Trump?

"He's fired," Forbes said.

  • Mark Phillips

    Mark Phillips is CBS News senior foreign correspondent, based in London.