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Who Needs a Printer? Sign and Complete Forms Right on Your iPhone

A couple weeks back, I received via e-mail a contract that needed to be signed, dated, and returned that very day.

Just one problem: I was out of the office, with only my iPhone to help me. No laptop, no printer, no fax machine.

No problem. At least, it wouldn't have been a problem if I'd had Zosh, an iPhone app for filling in and signing documents. Oh, and sending them, of course.

Version 1.5 just hit the App Store, bringing with it a wealth of improvements and fixes. Before we get into those, check out this jaw-dropping, this-is-what-the-future-looks-like demo video:

Incredible, no? The app supports just about every kind of document and image format, from BMP and JPEG to PDF and Word. (When all is said and signed, however, the final document gets sent as a PDF.)

Version 1.5 adds high-quality document output (not entirely sure what that means), support for large documents, faster performance, and an on-demand option that lets you start viewing a document before it's done downloading to your iPhone. Nothing earth-shattering, but welcome improvements all the same.

Zosh costs a mere $2.99, a bargain any way you slice it. This is a must-have app for Realtors, attorneys, HR professionals, and anyone else who's constantly transacting signed forms. [via Lifehacker]

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