Who is Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro?

(CBS News) WASHINGTON -- Ariel Castro was born in Puerto Rico in 1960 and moved to Ohio as a young child. Since April 1992, he has lived in the same house on Seymour Avenue where the women were found.

Mugshot photo of Ariel Castro.
City of Cleveland, Department of Law/CBS

Castro is a part-time jazz musician who lost his job as a school bus driver in 2012.

Dean Reynolds reported the women were never allowed out of the house, but it seems neighbors were never invited inside either. The captives were held in isolation.

Castro was arrested once in 1993, but a grand jury declined to indict him. In 2005, the estranged mother of his two daughters sought a court protection from Castro. The woman accused Castro of beating her, claiming he broke her nose and threatened to kill her and their daughters.

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One handwritten notation on the complaint was particularly interesting. It read: "Petitioner [the mother] has full custody with no visitation for respondent [Castro]. Nevertheless, respondent frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother." That case was dismissed.

Watch: Cleveland kidnap suspect stopped by police in 2008, below.

Police explained Wednesday that they picked up two of Castro's brothers at the same time they grabbed Ariel Castro, but prosecutors are taking a hard look at the evidence and say there is no evidence that Pedro and Onil Castro played any role whatsoever in the abduction. They're not expected to be charged, but investigators are asking a lot of questions, trying to understand how one man could possibly hold three captives for a decade in the middle of a city without anybody knowing anything about it.

We're now told police are searching another house just down the street for other possible evidence.