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Which Shows Will Go To TV's Graveyard?

So far we know at least one new series from the major five TV network's will stick around for a full season —"Heroes," the NBC drama about a group of people with superhuman powers. As the Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday, it's the first freshman show to receive a full-season order.

Some two dozen other new shows are still awaiting word on their fate. In an exclusive, non-scientific online poll conducted by The ShowBuzz, readers voted on which series they thought would live to see 2007.

ABC's "Ugly Betty," appeared to be that network's biggest gem, 66 percent of voters thought it would stick around this season. The majority of voters thought "Men in Trees," starring Anne Heche and "Help Me, Help You," starring Ted Danson, would not fare well for the network. Donal Logue's new comedy about a group of misfits who plan a robbery, has yet to premiere but 81 percent of voters thought it would stall out of the gates.

Of the four new shows CBS offered this season, "The Class," the only comedy of the group was expected to sink by 62 percent of voters. Two new dramas, "Jericho" and "Shark." were the series that were most favored to live on. "Smith," starring Ray Liotta, has already been canceled.

All but one of NBC's new shows was expected to sink; that diamond in the rough is Matthew Perry's new dramedy "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," which was favored to survive this season by 66 percent of voters. Sixty percent of voters thought Tina Fey's new comedy, which has a similar concept to "Studio 60," would sink. "30 Rock," stars Fey and Alec Baldwin and premieres on Oct. 11.

Of the six shows added to Fox's lineup, 80 percent of voters thought the comedy "Happy Hour" would be buried in the sitcom graveyard. The majority of voters said "Vanished" and "Standoff" would disappear from the schedule.

Fledgling network The CW, added only two new shows to its first TV schedule — and voters predicted that both shows would sink. Eighty percent voters thought the comedy "The Game," starring Tia Mowry, was doomed, while 61 percent said "Runaway," starring Donnie Wahlberg, wouldn't be a hit.

Which new series will live to see May sweeps? See the current results of The ShowBuzz poll and cast your votes in our Fall TV section.

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