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Where Do YOU Need Help?

In this morning's post, I announced a change in direction for this blog. For the next few weeks, we're going to focus on practical ways to make your numbers even during the economic meltdown. WARNING: What worked for you six months ago, isn't going to work for you now. Things are different. You need to sell differently. This blog will be explaining how.

I'm arranging for some of the top sales experts in the world to contribute their ideas and hopefully act as an informal "board of advisors." More importantly, I'm hoping to draw on the expertise, intelligence, and experience of you readers. (Example: "Cold Calling = Dialing for Dollars") And I'm going to start by asking you to help me decide where to focus first.

So here's a quick poll. I tried to set it up so that you can vote for three topics, but that feature appears to be broken or disabled. So vote for the topic that it is the most important to you, personally, for this blog to cover.

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