When Steve Kroft knocks...

Steve Kroft heads to Washington to confront three members of Congress about how they used leadership PAC funds for personal purposes

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Steve Kroft headed to Washington this week to knock on the doors of three members of Congress who have abused leadership PAC funds.

"There were three congressmen we wanted to talk to, and we had been trying really hard to get them to sit down and give us an interview," says Kroft. "Nobody would give us an interview. So, we just decided to go down to Washington and try and pigeonhole or doorstop all three of 'em."

It didn't prove to be an easy task, as you'll see in the above Overtime video.

Kroft's exhausting day in Washington was part of a 60 Minutes investigation of how leadership PAC funds are being exploited by congressmen and senators for personal purposes. The story was produced by Ira Rosen and Gabrielle Schonder, who you'll see traipsing through the capital, alongside Kroft, in this Overtime video feature.