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What's Your Wedding Style?

Glamour-puss or nature lover? Take this Modern Bride magazine quiz for the key to bridal bliss.

1) Your favorite color is:
A) green
B) crisp white
C) pale pink
D) black, black and more black

2) You'd never leave home without ...
A) a bottle of Poland Spring
B) pearl studs
C) lipstick
D) your cell phone

3) Your favorite celebrity is...
A) Cameron Diaz
B) Gwyneth Paltrow
C) Jessica Simpson
D) Catherine Zeta-Jones

4) Your idea of a perfect girls' day out?
A) A hike and picnic in the park
B) Browsing through Tiffany's
C) A mani-pedi excursion
D) Lunch at a chic new restaurant

5) On the weekends, you can be found wearing...
A) your favorite fleece vest
B) khakis and a collared shirt
C) lacy lingerie (even if it' s under a tee)
D) your Manolo Blahniks

6) Your favorite fragrances are...
A) Cool or citrusy scents
B) Clean floral blends
C) Single-note fragrances, like rose or lily of the valley
D) Rich spicy scents

7) Your on-the-go snack of choice is...
A) A power bar
B) Pretzels
C) Strawberry Twizzlers
D) Does a Starbucks Double Shot count?

8) Your dream honeymoon includes...
A) adventure-packed thrills
B) taking in the sights
C) just you, your mate and your honeymoon suite
D) Spoiling yourself rotten

9) Your favorite lip color?
A) Anything with an SPF
B) Actually, you prefer just a clear gloss
C) Shimmery rose
D) Red or berry> -> the deeper the better

Mostly As:

Outdoorsy Bride

For you, it's just not a wedding unless it's held under the big blue sky. Consider a vineyard, beach, park, garden or even you own backyard. Play off the beauty of your surroundings with flowers in earthy greens and yellows or cool blues and violets. Serve your guests a variety of chilled herbal teas and homemade wine coolers. Your look: Something that captures your carefree sprit, like a chiffon fit-and-flare gown that gently drapes your curves or a simple sheath with halter top. As for the do that's right for you? Anything natural and fuss-free (read: no bobby pins).

Mostly Bs:

The Classic Bride

Here's a chance to show off your good taste. And nobody is better qualified. While your heart is set on a grand affair, you prefer timeless elegance to trendy showiness. A reception at a country club or hotel ballroom filled with crystal chandeliers, candelabras and lots of white, white, white -- from the linens to the flowers -- is what you're envisioning. Champagne? Caviar? Of course. Only the best for you and your guests. And when it's time to make your entrance, a white silk satin ball gown, pretty pearl-and-diamond earrings and a sweeping Audrey Hepburn-style updo will show that you truly are the picture of grace.

Mostly Cs:

The Romantic Bride

Close your eyes. Now picture a horse-drawn carriage pulling up to a candle-lit banquet hall, overflowing with soft pink roses. In the background you can hear a string quartet playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons. A woman gets out of the carriage dressed in a lace ball gown, hair flowing in soft ringlets with a cathedral-length antique-lace veil trailing behind. Pretty much describe your wedding vision? We thought so.

Well, what better time to totally give in to your romantic nature than on your big day? So when it comes to planning, let your fantasies be your guide. After all, you've met your prince, proof that dreams really can come true!

Mostly Ds

The Sophisticated Bride

Shy? Never! You're a regular glamour-puss who loves the spotlight. And when it comes to the big day, you want to make a statement. So go as dramatic as you dare in a dress that's short and chic or something long and super sleek.

If it shimmers and glimmers, all the better. Invite your guests to revel in a loft, art gallery or any restaurant with a funky downtown vibe. Illuminate the setting with gobs of flickering votives, in varying shapes and heights. For a splash of vibrant color, choose exotic long-stemmed flowers in rich reds, deep purples or fiery oranges. And whatever you do, don't forget to pass the martinis!

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