What's New On Network TV?

Critics are hailing this season's new shows as the best fall offering in years.

With comedies like "Will & Grace," "That 70s Show" and "Malcolm In The Middle" taking their final bow last season, several newcomers are set to fill the void. Those include CBS' ensemble comedy "Class," NBC's Tina Fey-helmed "30 Rock" and ABC's "Help Me Help You," starring sitcom veteran Ted Danson.

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"Prison Break" and "Lost" are so popular that networks are quickly rolling out ensemble shows with serialized storylines like NBC's "Heroes" and "Kidnapped" and Fox's "Vanished."

ABC has even mined the nighttime soap format on Spanish-language television known as the telenovela. Borrowing from Telemundo's popular Spanish telenovela "Betty La Fea," the network is rolling out the Salma Hayek-produced "Ugly Betty," starring America Ferrera.

What's missing? Reality shows. "Celebrity Duets," which debuted on Fox Aug. 29, is the only new unscripted series on the five broadcast networks.