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What Water Wheels Can Teach Us About Cloud Computing

The video of Google CEO Eric Schmidt's predictions for the next five years of the internet, which we posted last week on Entry-Level Rebel, uncovered plenty of reader interest in the topic of the next gen web. If you're one of those of you with a professional interest in (or a personal passion for) the issue, there's more food for thought out this week in the form of a 30-minute talk from Nicholas Carr, tech pundit and author of The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, given at Google's conference on cloud computing in London last week.

In it, Carr likens the shift from factory owners producing their own energy with the likes of the water wheel to purchasing it from off-site providers to the forthcoming shift from in-house computing to cloud computing, and makes a number of thought-provoking points about what this radical shift, in which "every person gets their own data center," will mean for business. Perhaps a bit long for the casual computer user, the video's a great deep dive for the truly interested.

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