What Was Andy Thinking…In 2001?

It's always hard to say goodbye to an old friend, but this week we bid adieu to our "What Was Andy Thinking?" feature. Despite some good early reviews, we felt it was getting a little stale, and we were also having trouble tracking down our source material – no one kept detailed records of Rooney's commentary topics before 1991. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun on the way out. Below you'll find a listing of Andy Rooney commentary topics from 2001, the year of George W. Bush's inauguration, the G8 protests in Genoa, Italy, and, of course, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Andy, per usual, took on some topics that made headlines and some that didn't. In the latter category are commentaries on airline passengers' rights, different styles of hats, and how bathtubs are a waste of money. The full list of commentary topics is below. (OAD means original air date.)

01/07/01: "America Is Great" - 10 good things about America

01/14/01: "Handy Andy" - a viewer sends Andy a copy of Handy Andy, a book written another Andy Rooney which was published in 1842

01/21/01: "Selecting A Cabinet" - what Andy's choices would be

02/04/01: "God Bless America" - how politicians end their speeches

02/11/01: "Inflated Prices" - prices keep going up

02/18/01: "Don't Retire" - Andy's thoughts on college vacations, the lack of good teachers and retirement

02/25/01: "Andy's Solution" - finding new uses for the U.S. military's outdated tanks

03/04/01: "President Bush's Speech" - Andy's reaction to George W. Bush's first speech to Congress

03/11/01: "The News" - stories in the news: espionage by the U.S.; Richard Cheney's health; weather reporting

03/18/01: "Drink Up" - the popularity of soft drinks

03/25/01: "Dirty Words" - Andy complains of gratuitously dirty language in movies and television

04/01/01: "Hats" - Andy talks about different styles

04/08/01: "Airline Passengers' Union" - protecting passengers rights

04/15/01: "Images Of Christ" - the portrayal of Jesus

04/22/01: "The U.S. & China" - U.S. China spy plane incident/who benefits from trade with China

04/29/01: "Letters" - Andy's mail

05/06/01: "Bob Kerrey" - Sen. Bob Kerrey and the massacre at Thanh Phong

05/13/01: "Executions" - methods of capital punishment

05/20/01: "I'm Sorry" - angry reactions to 60 MINUTES stories

05/27/01: "Talk Show Guest" - Andy's appearances (OAD: 10/22/00)

06/03/01: "Planning" - what to do first when you get to the office

06/24/01: "Packaging" - misleading size of packages (OAD: 06/09/96)

07/01/01: "The Bronx Zoo" - Andy visits the zoo (OAD: 04/27/97)

07/08/01: Why can't they have uniform electrical cords for appliances? (OAD: 11/26/00)

07/22/01: "Visitors" - Andy looks at tourists (OAD: 06/07/98)

07/29/01: "Couches" - Andy looks at the offices of 60 MINUTES Correspondents and executive producer (OAD: 05/21/00)

08/12/01: "All This Spare Change" - the new 'golden dollar' coin (OAD: 06/18/00)

08/19/01: "My Saturday Morning" - labels you find in the supermarket (OAD: 03/29/98)

08/26/01: "Car Bumpers" - can bumpers are worse than ever (OAD: 11/14/99)

09/02/01: "Junk" - things people throw out (OAD: 05/07/00)

09/09/01: "Patient Beware" - warnings on over-the-counter medication (OAD: 11/28/99)

09/16/01: "Terror In New York" - Andy's reactions

09/23/01: "President Bush's Speech" - Andy comments on President Bush's speech

09/30/01: "Train Travel" - Andy's comments

10/07/01: "I Apologize"- Andy apologizes for his criticism, two weeks ago, of President Bush's comments

10/14/01: Ads showing that Americans are the `good guys'

10/21/01: Mail is less of a pleasure these days

10/28/01: "Genes" - scientists should work on a method to get rid of the genes that cause people to behave badly

11/04/01: "The American Flag" - the flag as a symbol

11/11/01: "Don't Worry" - Americans are getting on with their lives

11/18/01: "Help Wanted" - security jobs at airports

11/25/01: "Bathtubs" - Andy thinks bathtubs are a waste of money

12/02/01: "Andy's Rooney's Treasures" - things that Andy keeps

12/09/01: "The Sunday Times" - cost of advertising in The New York Times Sunday edition

12/16/01: "The Koran" - Andy reads the Koran

12/23/01: "New Yorkers" - changed attitudes since Sept. 11

12/30/01: "Remarkable Men" - Andy talks to a union man and a car salesman (OAD: 12/31/95)