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What Was Andy Thinking…in 2000?

Last week we brought you the inaugural post in our new feature "What Was Andy Thinking?" As promised, we're going in no particular order, and we're going to follow last year's 1994 entry with one focused on 2000. Below you'll find Andy Rooney's commentary topics in the year of the contested election, Elián González's seizure by federal agents in Miami, the USS Cole bombing in Yemen, and the deciphering of the human genome. Enjoy. (OAD means original air date.)

01/02/00: "2000" - Andy is optimistic about the future

01/09/00: "Movie Reviews" - film critics

01/16/00: "The Moral Of The Story" - what really happens

01/23/00: "Symbols" - Andy doesn't think the Confederate flag should be flown over the capitol of South Carolina

01/30/00: "Car Ads" - unrealistic scenes in commercials (OAD: 10/26/97)

02/06/00: "Inventions" - 10 best unimportant inventions

02/13/00: "All This Spare Change" - the new `golden dollar' coin

02/20/00: "The Presidential Press Conference" - how presidents have avoided answering questions

02/27/00: "Andy Rates the Candidates" - ratings for the presidential candidates

03/05/00: "Andy's Mail" - why he doesn't answer much of it

03/19/00: "The Man Who Would Be President" - Andy criticizes the primary election process

03/26/00: "Census 2000" - Andy fills out the census form

04/02/00: The 10 Commandments

04/09/00: "Wrestling" - Andy wonders why something so fake can be so popular

04/16/00: "Elian Gonzalez" - the boy should be returned to his father

04/23/00: "Car Names" - car names that have no meaning

04/30/00: "Andy Answers His Mail" - critical letters

05/07/00: "Junk" - things people throw out

05/14/00: "Mother's Day" - why it is celebrated

05/21/00: "Couches" - Andy looks at the offices of the 60 MINUTES correspondents and executive producer

05/28/00: "Bumpers"- car bumpers are worse than ever (OAD: 11/14/99)

06/04/00: "Patient Beware" - warnings on over-the-counter medication (OAD: 11/28/99)

06/11/00: "Old Clothes" - Andy goes through his closet (OAD: 05/16/99)

06/25/00: "Labels" - ingredients in food (OAD: 01/24/99)

07/02/00: "Visitors"- Andy looks at tourists (OAD: 06/07/98)

07/16/00: "Annoying Phone Calls"- Andy has an idea on how to handle sales calls (OAD: 12/13/98)

07/23/00: "Envelopes" - things that are written on envelopes (OAD: 04/11/99)

07/30/00: "Nuts" - what you find in a can labeled mixed nuts (OAD: 12/28/97)

08/13/00: "Christmas Presents" - Andy buys a motor scooter for himself (OAD: 12/26/99)

08/20/00: "Joseph Lieberman" - the choice of a Jewish Democratic Presidential candidate

09/03/00: "Pay Me, I'm Advertising" - products bearing names of companies (OAD: 10/04/98)

09/10/00: "Farmer Andy" - gardening

09/17/00: How people clean up after themselves

09/24/00: "What's Your Number?" - Andy doesn't like having to remember so many cards, phone numbers, etc. (OAD: 11/23/97)

10/01/00: "Handwriting" - an expert looks at signatures attributed to George W. Bush and Al Gore

10/08/00: "Presidential debate" - Andy reacts to the first presidential debate

10/15/00: "Hillary Rodham Clinton" - Andy looks at the New York State senatorial race

10/22/00: "Talk Show Guest" - Andy's appearances

10/29/00: "Halloween" - the commercialization of Halloween

11/05/00: "Campaign 2000" - people who do not vote

11/12/00: Election 2000 - trying to find a solution

11/19/00: "My Notes" - Election 2000: the idea of co-presidents;
polls; election money; American Legion hats

11/26/00: Why can't they have uniform electrical cords for appliances?

12/03/00: "A Phone Call From A Friend" - explaining the U.S. Presidential election deadlock to a foreigner

12/10/00: "Christmas Presents" - things nobody really wants

12/17/00: "Election 2000" - Andy's reaction to Election 2000

12/24/00: Andy talks about Christmas

12/31/00: "Christmas Presents" - gifts that Andy received