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What the Paris attacks say about ISIS

Security consultant Alain Bauer tells 60 Minutes that the terrorist attacks in Paris show a cult-like level of determination
What the Paris attacks say about ISIS 01:21

Reporting from Paris for 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley interviews witnesses and survivors the day after the November 13th terrorist attack that killed more than 100 people. He also spoke with Alain Bauer, a security advisor to the French government who helped New York City set up its counterterrorism unit after 9/11.

Bauer tells Pelley that the Paris attack represents not only a turning point in ISIS' strategy, but it also shows a cult-like level of determination. Watch the clip in the player above or read the transcript of that clip below. Scott Pelley's entire 60 Minutes report on the Paris attacks can be viewed here.

Scott Pelley: What does the level of sophistication in this attack tell you about ISIS?

Alain Bauer: It's not very sophisticated. I mean, everybody thinks it's sophisticate. It's not. Kalashnikov is a level, not zero, but sub-level of terrorism. It's not hyperterrorism. It's not extremely sophisticated. The sophistication is only on timing. And as you saw, it didn't work for the stadium. It's determination that's the issue, not sophistication. It's low-level. Determination is the main issue. They are ready to die. And they are ready to make as many casualties as they can.

Scott Pelley: So the level of determination tells you what about ISIS?

Alain Bauer: Yes.

Scott Pelley: But what does that--

Alain Bauer: It's a cult. It not a criminal organization. It's not only a barbaric army. It's a sect.

Scott Pelley: A cult.

Alain Bauer: Uh-huh (affirm).

Scott Pelley: What do you mean?

Alain Bauer: It's not only people who believe in Islam or on the prophet. They created their own cult. If you look at them as-- how it works. It's a sectarian cult, not only believers of one of the main and respected religion in the world. Indoctrination is something that you only have in a cult.

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