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What's on the ballots for Election Day 2015?

Recreational pot is on the ballot in Ohio this Election Day
Issues on the 2015 Election Day ballots 06:56

The U.S. is a little more than a year away from Election Day 2016, but Election Day 2015 has some interesting story lines too.

CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto joined CBSN to discuss the measures on ballots throughout the country.

In Kentucky, a Tea Party candidate is pinned up against a Democratic candidate in the governor's race. In Ohio, there are two measures on the ballot for legalizing marijuana.

In Washington state, Microsoft's co-founder is funding a ballot initiative to save, among other animals, the pangolins. In San Francisco, there is a local measure against AirBnB.

And in Michigan, ousted lawmakers who are accused of misusing funds and making up a sex scandal to cover up for an affair they were having, are asking for their jobs back.

To see what these measures entail, watch the video above.

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