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What do Charlie Sheen and Live Nation have planned?

Charlie Sheen is shown in a scene from "Two and a Half Men." AP

(CBS) Just how closely is Charlie Sheen following the Conan O'Brien playbook? O'Brien lost "The Tonight Show"; Sheen was fired from "Two and a Half Men."

O'Brien joined Twitter and amassed followers. Sheen joined Twitter and amassed followers quicker than anyone in history. Now, is Sheen planning to take his show on the road as O'Brien did?

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RadarOnline reports that Sheen's meeting with Live Nation executives Monday included talks about a possible live nationwide stage show. The meeting was booked before Warner Bros.' decision to fire Sheen, reports RadarOnline.

The possible deal with Live Nation is the latest in a series of deals Sheen has reportedly been making. He told "The Daily News" Friday he had a T-shirt deal with Live Nation. The "Washington Post" reports that Sheen has a micro-endorsement deal with related to his Twitter account.

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