What are U.S. options in Turkey coup?

U.S. on Turkey
U.S. on Turkey 01:17

The United States is referring to a suspected military coup in Turkey as an uprising, reports CBS News' Margaret Brennan.

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American diplomats are having trouble reaching anyone inside the Turksish government, so they're not clear on who is in control. Secretary of State John Kerry has publicly called for stability.

Turkey is a NATO member -- which binds the U.S. to help protect it -- and a key partner in the fight against ISIS.

"There are more than 1,500 American troops at Incirlik Air Base in the south near the Syrian border. Keeping those troops in place is a priority for the U.S., which launches airstrikes against ISIS from Incirlik," Brennan said.

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To hear what else Brennan has to say about the situation in Turkey, watch the video above.