Fears of a single mom in West Baltimore

BALTIMORE - The city of Baltimore has seen an especially violent May with 38 homicides. Despite the uptick, arrests are down, leaving some to question whether police are purposely stepping back. On Thursday, a mother and her 7-year-old son were shot and killed -- news that hit close to home for Brittney Goodridge.

We met the 25-year-old single mom in West Baltimore as she was getting her 7-year-old son Corde ready for school -- and herself ready for what they may encounter on the streets. Goodridge says Corde often tells her he wants to leave.

Brittney Goodridge CBS News

"It's like let me hurry up and get my son out of here because I can't have a Freddie Gray," said Goodridge.

Goodridge says she wants her son to have a better childhood than she did. Goodridge's mother used drugs and her father was in and out of jail. In 2010 she repeated the cycle and was arrested for check fraud. She's now a convicted felon who says she can't get a job.

"You do things out of desperation and then you learn that these are not the right things to do," she said.

She spends much of the day trying to sell her clothing designs at fashion shows or flea markets. The money she makes is barely enough to make ends meet.

Brittney Goodridge prepares a meal for her 7-year-old son Corde CBS News

Corde has asked his mom why she doesn't have a regular job, to which Goodridge says she doesn't sugarcoat her answer.

"I told him mommy did some bad things that is going to haunt her forever," she said.

It's the end of the day that Goodridge looks forward to the most. She hopes quality moments inside her home will keep Corde from the helplessness outside her door. So maybe as he grows older, he turns to his mom, instead of turning to the streets.