Wendy Davis' daughters defend Texas lawmaker amid scrutiny

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Wendy Davis -- the Texas state senator who gained national attention for an 11-hour filibuster against an abortion bill -- is in the spotlight again.

Parts of Davis' life's story have now come into question. Now, with a bid for governor on the line, CBS News' Anna Werner reports, Davis and her family are breaking their silence.

Davis said, "You can play holier-than-life with my life story. But I draw the line when it comes to lying about my family."

Davis has been on the defensive since an article in the Dallas Morning News called into question her background as a single mother.

Davis has said, "Know this, I never gave up custody of my children."


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 Davis' eldest daughter Amber took to the stage to support her mother. She said, "I have the privilege of introducing you this evening to my best friend, my role model and my inspiration -- and make no mistake -- the best mother in the world."

Just hours earlier, Amber and her sister Dru each released an open letter to Texans. 

Amber wrote, "It is a shame that those who don't know us feel the need to comment on the details of our lives."

Those details include questions over how old Davis was when she became a divorced single mother, and how much time she spent living in a mobile home.

"Yes we lived in a trailer," Amber continued. "Does it matter how long? Not to me."

Davis has admitted that some of the details may have been wrong, but insisted that she did struggle.

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Her likely Republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, has accused Davis of "systematically and intentionally" misleading voters -- just the latest in a heated gubernatorial campaign.

Jay Root, a political reporter for the Texas Tribune, said, "If her narrative falls apart, then part of her message falls apart."

But he's not convinced that message is tarnished. "The trailer, who paid for what, and college, I don't think that's going to be the A1 story throughout this entire campaign."

It's a campaign with more than 10 months still to go.