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Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh may have predicted his death, shared on Twitter and Facebook

Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh may have predicted his death on Twitter and Facebook

(CBS) - Ex-Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh passed away yesterday in Chicago. The father-of-two was 40 years old and is suspected to have died from a drug overdose.

We are saddened by this news. It is yet another story of a talented individual going too soon.

Welsh was visiting Chicago to see his old band Weezer headline and play at the Riot Fest. While police do not suspect foul play, they believe narcotics may have been the cause of death, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Creepily, Welsh may have predicted his demise on Twitter. "On September 26, he wrote: 'dreamt I died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). Need to write my will today,'" reports Daily Mail. Then, he added, "correction - the weekend after next." He mentioned the premonition on his Facebook, too.

Welsh, whose Twitter tagline is, "I was in weezer, now I make art," had moved to Vermont and become an artist. On his Facebook page, he uploaded a picture of one of his creations with a $250 price tag, "if i am still alive at time of purchase, price to increase exponentially if i expire prematurely," he eerily added.

We've heard of people dreaming that they've died, but are some of us really able to predict the occurrence down to the weekend? I sure hope not! I'd rather not know. Would you?, a website run by Your Psychic Family with clairvoyants Craig and Jane, say that dreaming of death merely represents the ending of one phase so that a new one can begin. For instance, it can show "forthcoming finalities such as the end of a marriage or career," according to the site.

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