Weekend Music Round-Up: different name edition

(CBS News) You're probably wondering, "What's with the name? I thought this was the Friday Music Round-Up?" Well, yes, it is a music round-up that comes out on Friday. But it posts late in the day and is supposed to be a celebration of the weekend that carries through. So... yeah. That's the thought process. But enough with the questions - let's get this round-up started! And I think you may enjoy the flow I have in place for the first three songs, so see if you can figure it out. We kick things off with the music video for Phoenix's song "Entertainment" above.

I can't get enough of Phoenix, and somehow missed this music video when it came out a bit ago. But just because it's not brand-spanking-new, doesn't mean it doesn't get our top spot. (Because it's that good!) Up next, we have another group I can never get enough of: Daft Punk! Watch George Barnett pay tribute and absolutely kill it with his rendition of "Get Lucky" below. (And take note of the first spoken line if you're curious on the aforementioned flow.)

While I'm not one of those people to ever compare and contrast covers to the original (and would never say a cover outdoes the original!), there is no denying that George really own his cover of the song in his own right. Just saying. (Oh, and the spoken line word was "Phoenix".)

Our request item this week comes from a musician we last highlighted back in 2011 with an epic remix of movies into music entitled "Movie Line Rhymes." He returns today with a live remix of a multitude of Daft Punk songs. Go ahead and take a look and listen to Jordan Law's music video entitled "Every Daft Punk Song" below. (And for those wondering, the title is not literal.)

As always, we love and appreciate our multitude of talented fans who submit their original work to us, and are so happy to highlight your impressive and new live mix of music, Jordan

Up next, our spotlight on the artistic and aesthetic visuals mixed with auditory excellence is a music video that involves some birds and trees... and a whole lot of the surreal and whimsical. Take a musical trip of wonder (with a dash of weird in the best possible way) in this hypnotizing music video below for the Crystal Fighters' song "You and I" directed by Elliott Sellers.

Finally, we normally end with something light or off-beat, but this week I'm going to finish on a personal note with a dedication to a dear friend who passed away recently. (Don't worry, you'll still love it!) Click play on the video at the bottom to watch a powerful cover of Massive Attack's song "Teardrop" performed by Newton Faulkner. (And dedicated to Dan Wheeless, who will be dearly missed by myself and so many others.) And with that, I hope you have a great weekend, and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!