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"Movie Line Rhymes" is a must-see musical mashup of movies

(CBS) - Stop what you're doing right now and check out this incredible musical mashup of movies that is sure to blow you away entitled "Movie Line Rhymes"!

The Vimeo video was created by Jordan Laws who writes about the project:

Inspired by lifelong obsessions with beats, rhymes and feature films, Jordan Laws delivers an ingenious mega-mix of classic movie lines. But this isn't some slapped-together highlight reel. Laws produced an original beat, scoured movie scripts for memorable lines that fit his masterful puzzle and matched up these segments line-by-line, rhyme-by-rhyme. The result is an energetic and poetic ride thru cinema history, both high and low art merged into a single piece. This unique achievement cements Jordan Laws' status as one of the most innovative video remixers on the planet. #Werk

Is this statement too aggrandizing? No. No, it is not at all. Watching this video you can tell it must have taken an incredible amount of time, and an amazing eye and ear for movies and music. Jordan Laws, we here at The Feed would like to salute your genius and say we love this video!