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Weddings On The Cheap

If you are planning a wedding, you know how expensive it can be. But there are some clever ways to save money.

The Early Show Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen shares the following ideas to help you save on your big day.

Wedding Dress:
If you've always dreamed of wearing a designer gown but have a bargain budget, consider renting the dress. Sites like offer big savings. For example:

Vera Wang Gown

  • Rent: $995
  • Buy: $8,300

    There's $5 fee for normal wear-and-tear damage. You can also have the dress altered to fit your body.

    The perfect jewelry to go with the gorgeous gown can be pricey, so why not save big bucks by renting exactly what you want. offers big savings on wedding bling. For example:

    Stevenson Necklace

  • Rent: $1,500
  • Buy: $45,000

    Ian Earrings

  • Rent: $100
  • Buy: $3,000

    Lloyd Bangle

  • Rent: $290
  • Buy: $7,600

    The company insures the jewelry during shipping, but in case something happens to it while in your posession, you'll have to purchase extra insurance. You can also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if you are covered.

    Wedding Cake
    You can have your dream cake -- and eat it, too! Real-looking fake cakes, like those available at can save you thousands of dollars. For example:

    Fake Cake

  • Rent a Fake: $175
  • Buy: $2,000

    Koeppen says she did this at her wedding. Guests see the fake cake, which has a secret compartment in the back, allowing the couple to "cut the cake." The real cake (Koeppen had cheesecake) sits behind the fake.

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