Thundersnow "absolutely jacks me up," meteorologist says

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A meteorologist's ecstatic reaction to witnessing six waves of thundersnow in Massachusetts is going viral online. Weather Channel's Jim Cantore admitted the rare winter thunderstorm "just absolutely jacks me up."

"There's just something about when Mother Nature performs at the top level, and you feel like you won the Stanley Cup. ... You're right there, amongst all this snow and this huge, massive 400-square mile low pressure system, and the one little hit of thunder and lightning is right over the top of you. So you feel like you won the lottery. It's incredible," Cantore said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

Cantore explained that thundersnow was essentially like a thundershower in the summer, but in the winter.

"It's much more rare, obviously, in the winter, but the same forces that go into creating the separation charge can happen in the winter months as well," Cantore said.

While the thunder and lightning are now gone, there's still plenty of snow in the area.

"We've gotten two years' worth of snowfall in Boston in 23 days. Seriously, in 23 days. That's absolutely unprecedented," Cantore said. "We may get a top 10 seasonal snowfall in the month of February alone. These numbers are just absolutely incredible."

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In addition to the snow, the Arctic front is bringing some of the coldest temperatures the Northeast has seen in years, with temperatures of 4 degrees below zero in Plymouth and 31 below for wind chills, Cantore said.

"This is the coldest air we've seen in Boston in about 11 years, so to add insult to injury, everything is absolutely frozen," Cantore said. "It's pretty, but it's absolutely frozen."