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Wearable tech highlighted at CES 2014

CNET’s Sumi Das uncovers the best wearable devices at CES 2014
CNET’s Sumi Das uncovers the best wearable ... 01:44

Gizmos and gadgets are making their way onto our bodies. The rise of wearable technology is taking International CES by storm. CNET’s Sumi Das takes us inside the Las Vegas tech show and highlights some of the hottest new wearable devices.


 A baby monitor that’s a connected onto a onesie is drawing attention at CES. The Mimo monitor connects via Wi-Fi to report the data on how a baby is sleeping. The device tracks breathing, temperature and position and lets parents analyze the data through their smartphones.

Casio joins Samsung and Pebble in the smartwatch market with the introduction of Sports Gear. The watch can act as a fitness tracker, control music and tell the time, of course. It will also ping your phone if you misplace it.

Razer’s Nabu is a smartband, similar to Nike’s Fuelband and Jawbone’s Up. The health tracker reports calories burned, steps taken and hours slept, among other things.  It also sends call notifications and can connect to other users, adding contacts to Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Intel unveiled a headset nicknamed “Jarvis” that is supposed to be like a personal assistant. The company says the device works with a smartphone app without even touching it.  

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