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Weapons Stash Found In Fla. Home

Police investigating the slaying of a firearms dealer found hundreds of military weapons and live bombs inside his house, prompting the evacuation of several homes.

Scott Quinn, 37, was found dead by his girlfriend about 4:30 a.m. Sunday in his home in this small central Florida city. Investigators said Quinn was murdered but did not release details.

Police found the stockpile of weapons, including live bombs, neatly stacked in the bedroom. Several of the more dangerous pieces were taken to a landfill to be detonated.

About 10 homes remained evacuated Monday because of fears the bombs might explode, and Army weapons experts were being brought in to analyze the weapons and explosives, police Lt. Ron Daugherty said.

There were probably more than 400 pieces of weaponry in his home, including rocket-propelled grenades and 40-mm rounds, Seminole County sheriff's Sgt. Ralph Wilson said.

The stash also included Czech grenades and live "Bouncing Betties," bombs that bounce on the ground and explode in the air. Investigators also found two World War II-era .30-caliber machine guns that could sell for as much as $30,000 each, Wilson said.

Quinn, who was licensed to manufacture and possess weapons, also operated a bail bonds business near the Seminole County Jail "and at one time operated Mid-Florida Gun Sales," business partner and friend George Cox said.

"He was a very likable guy, and he had no problems that I know of," Cox said.