"The swamp's deeper than he thought": Trump supporters stick with him

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. -- At the Vigo County Fair in Indiana, amid the familiar sights and smells and sounds, we found supporters of President Trump eager to push back against the big story of the week in Washington.

Brenda Wilson says she is "not at all" troubled by the Russia investigation. "There's nothing to it," Brenda Wilson said. 

Even with Donald Trump Jr.'s admitted meeting with the Russians, Brenda Wilson says she thinks "his son was trying his best to be as transparent as he possible could."

She said the meeting itself isn't troubling to her. "No," she said. "That happens."


Brenda Wilson says she is "not at all" troubled by the Russa investigation.

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Brenda and Fred Wilson were on the same page.

"So far I've seen enough of Russia to say, 'til something else pops up that's pretty big, I'm not concerned about that right now," Fred Wilson said. 

We met the Wilsons and their friends at the Republican Party picnic on the fairgrounds. 

"Russia, Russia, Russia," said Gary Riggs, who said he's 200 percent satisfied with the president's performance. He believes reporters are just getting in the way.

"He's getting a lot done behind the scenes that the media so overshadows on the negative side that it's just making it twice as hard," Riggs said. 


Fred Wilson said that "we need to get behind this president and quit majoring in minor things."

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Fred Wilson said reporters "probably should" report what Mr. Trump tweets, but "it shouldn't be the main line." 

"The troubling thing for me is, you know, we need to get behind this president and quit majoring in minor things, in my opinion, and let him do the job he was elected to do," Fred Wilson said.

Speaking of elections, his supporters here believe Republican control of Washington should produce big results. But Matt Schalburg is concerned that Congress is not helping.

"They have a prime opportunity, something that they've wanted for years," Schalburg says.


A group of President Trump's supporters in Indiana say they still support the president.

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The group all said they would be disappointed in Congress if they didn't do what they said they would do.

"The swamp's deeper than he thought," Riggs said.

Six months into his presidency, they have four words of advice for Mr. Trump: Steady as you go.

  • Dean Reynolds

    Dean Reynolds is a CBS News National Correspondent based in Chicago.