Watch wet animals shaking in super slow-motion

(CBS News) In our continuing coverage of slow-motion animals, which previously highlighted a too-close-for-comfort rattlesnake and a hydration battle between cats and dogs, we turn our attention now to the most important subject to date: wet animals shaking!

As a nice twist, they even made sure to throw a human test subject into the mix this time. Nicely done. The latest (and debatably greatest) of the wonderful ongoing series comes from Earth Unplugged who write about the pivotal moment in slow-motion, animal research on video:

Why do wet furry mammals shake? Si and Sam give some of their favourite animals a shower to uncover the science behind the 'wet dog shake'. Sam caught up with Andrew Dickerson from Georgia Institute of Technology to find out more about the science... we'll have the full interview for you soon.
A big triple-rainbow salute of epic animal filmmaking goes out to Earth Unplugged from all of us here at The Feed for another exciting clip that keeps us wondering what exciting subject they'll come up with next! And to check out more amazing work from them, be sure to see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to the YouTube page for Earth Unplugged by clicking here.