Battle between cats and dogs drinking in super slow-motion

(CBS News) When it comes to the two major domestic pets, there tends to be a battle line drawn for those who love cats and those who love dogs. And while I'm not going to jump into the eternal fray over which is cutest, I can highlight the difference between them when they drink above. And did I forget to mention that it's in super slow-motion and high-definition? Well, it is, take a look.

The fascinating feature on our furry friends was created by Earth Unpluggedwho recently provided us a close-up (and terrifying) look at a rattlesnake, and who write about their latest:

Cat vs. Dog this week as Sam and Si discover just how different they really are... in drinking habits! But which would come top in a drinking competition?
So while we all win by getting to see this unique perspective, who do you think won in this battle of hydration? Feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts. And to check out more amazing animal work from Earth Unplugged, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.