Watch this video and start to feel better right away

(CBS News) Even before I watched this one, the title totally spoke to me. Sadly, your blogger here is still under the weather, but can't let sickness stand in the way of getting out the best viral content on the Internet for all of you. So click play on the video above entitled "On How To Feel Better" (more focused on life in general) and start to make your day a bit better right away.

The touching and true piece of video advice was posted by Vimeo user Joshua Kang who writes:

Please follow these steps and you will be okay.
I've got Step 7 down pat (and keep considering getting a copyright on it), but the tips on whole ring true, with personal variations, for finding a sense of solace in this world. A triple-rainbow salute of inner life contentment goes out to Joshua from all of us here at The Feed for this wonderful piece! And to check out more work by Joshua Kang, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.