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Watch a bridge blown up in slow-motion and super high-definition

(CBS News) In case you're wondering, your blogger here has been under the weather. But my dedication to getting great material on The Feed has no bounds, so I'm going to push through the pain in order to provide you the best material on the Internet, starting with this item above that hits close to home for me. Watch an old bridge get blown up in super slow-motion and super high-definition.

The bridge in question is the US 281 bridge in Marble Falls, TX, and one that I actually used to drive by and see all the time, having grown up in Texas and still having all of my family down there. The video was filmed on March 17th by YouTube user Kirk Drummond who writes:

Super slow motion video of the demolition of the Marble Falls bridge. Shot on Red Epic at 300fps. Blast lasted less than 1 second but at 300fps is lasts over 12 seconds. Check out the blast cord leading each blast and the shockwave that follows.

And because the only thing better than one video of a bridge being demolished in slow-motion is two videos of it, I've gone ahead and included another angle and perspective of it happening from YouTube user Ando22RE to make this post even more explosive for you.

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