Watch the first trailer for season 6 of "True Blood" here!

From left, Anna Paquin, Carrie Preston and Sam Trammell in a scene from "True Blood."

It's dark, it's bloody, it's violent -- it's "True Blood."

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming season 6 of "True Blood," which debuts on June 16,was released by HBO on Saturday, and it doesn't reveal much except that things look even more gruesome and ominous in Bon Temps this season -- if that's even possible.

And it promises to be the beginning of the end, or as the blood-drenched Bill-Lilith vampire god that rose up during last season's finale growls, "You're all gonna burn." While a female voiceover calmly states, "The tyrant is rising -- it is the beginning of the end." Yeah, things aren't looking good for Sookie, Eric and the gang.

This will be the first season without creator Alan Ball at the helm. Co-executive producer Brian Buckner (who replaced the previously announced Mark Hudis) will be the showrunner for the 10-episode sixth season (the seasons are normally 12 episodes-long, but they had to cut it a bit shorter due to Anna Paquin's pregnancy).

Tell us: What do you think of the trailer and what it means for the new season?