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Watch: Tarp devours grounds crew during rain delay

(CBS News) The home of the Joliet Slammers - Silver Cross Field - is named after the local Illinois hospital chain. And it's a good thing because after a recent bout with Mother Nature, the team may have needed to send the entire grounds crew to the ER.

When a recent game between the Slammers and the Southern Illinois Miners (who play in the independent Frontier League) was halted by thunderstorms, the grounds crew sprung to action. But the rain tarp did too, completely devouring some of the crew as it was uprooted by the strong wind gusts.

It's a surreal sight - partly harrowing ("I'm gonna get out of here, oh my goodness," the team's broadcaster says in a panic) and partly hilarious (the crew is taken out like dominoes while "It's Raining Men" plays in the background).

The game was suspended but fortunately no one got hurt, according to Big League Stew.

One can only wonder how Bill Murray would have fared in this situation. Given his rain delay experience, he would have found a way to conquer the man-eating tarp somehow.