Watch: Space shuttle Atlantis' final roll-out

(CBS News) The last flight of Atlantis was a momentous event for America's space program. It was the final space shuttle to be launched into orbit, bringing an end to operations of NASA's 30-year old shuttle fleet. It's no surprise that the event drew a crowd, including photographers Scott Andrews, Philip Andrews and Stan Jirman. Their short video - "The Last Roll-out" - shows the Atlantis shuttle in all her glory as NASA prepares for their final space shuttle launch.

Space Shuttle Atlantis left Earth for the final time last summer. But beside the launch itself, what stands out in this video are the moments you usually don't get to see from NASA. The massive crane lifting Atlantis in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building. The crowds lining the streets to watch Atlantis roll by. And of course, the view from the top as NASA prepared to send its final space shuttle into the skies.