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Watch "Peter the Elephant" try to play a piano duet

(CBS News) We've covered some useful tips and unreal optical tricks so far today on The Feed. So I'm thinking it's time for either animals antics or music. Better yet, how about both in the form of a piano duet involving an elephant named Peter! Watch the unlikely performance unfold above.

The utterly adorable, caught-on-tape performance was posted by YouTube user PaulBartonPiano who writes about it:

I was actually playing for Soi, a 5 year elephant, when Peter came by with his mahout on his regular evening trip to the river for a bath. Peter heard the music and made deviation from the mud road (behind the tree) to the piano. I suddenly felt something strange sucking the back of my head and had an unexpected duet partner. In another video he plays piano and my back as a drum. The mahout you can hear occasionally isn't giving commands in any way to Peter, rather voicing a tiny bit concern for the piano's survival.

Okay, so admittedly Peter might not be the best partner to have on a piano duet. But he definitely makes up for his lack of training by giving it his all and being just so darn cute! And if you'd like to to check out more videos from PaulBartonPiano, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.
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